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We Are Manufacturing Cost





Generating manufacturing costs from concept design through to validation of components and assembled parts


We leverage our broad experience to ensure you get value for money without compromising on quality


Our years of experience helps to manage the costs to manufacture and deliver parts to budget with full breakdown Gap Analysis and identifying delta and cost anomalies


Step 1. Planning & Strategy

Upfront design costs calculated to ensure parts are fit for purpose and within budget constraints.

Step 2. Design & Programme

Assisting with the designers to identify possible problem areas affecting manufacturing and cost reduction ideas.

Step 3. Manufacturing Processes

Comprehensive understanding of manufacturing processes across a wide spectrum of industries. Including auromotive and aerospace OEM, marine and energy sectors covering:-
Tooling, Castings, Machining, Fabrication both large and small, Forgings, Composites, System Assemblies, Automotive interior and chassis systems, Large marine fabrication, Energy sector covering wave technologies, to name but a few.

Step 4. Release & Promotion

Economic impact awareness of regional economies when considering where best to place your business.

Step 5. Investment Labor

Broad database of Tooling and Investment labor and indirect costs across a global scenario to give best possible choice when seeking the best manufacturing locations.

Step 6.Technologies

Traditional tried and tested technologies are facing a shift toward digital based manufacture including Additive Manufacturing encompassing DLD, SLR, 3D Printing and automation. We at MB Value Engineering are able to assist with developing dedicated cost models to reflect these new ways of doing things and capture the costs and value through data collecting and compiling Costs to reflect the methods employed.


Comprehensive Cost Analysis of manufacturing costs that helps to control the company budget when making components.

Detailed cost breakdown of component costs.

Gap Analysis if outsourcing.

Supplier negotiation assistance.

Supplier assessment.


Born of both the creative agency and consulting worlds, The Value Engineers has always been about striking the right balance between strategic rigor and applied imagination.


Working hand in hand with our clients it is important to ensure that every aspect of the project is understood from both parties, so we offer support through Design reviews, Component function & feasibility for manufacture, Cost calculation from concept through to finished design, Supplier and 3rd party Quotation Analysis, Gap Analysis and identification of the delta between quote and cost calculation. All work & support is backed up with an NDA to ensure integrity at all times.


The MB Value Engineers work across continents and categories from our hubs.