Who we are

MB Value Engineering Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of its parent company MB Value Engineering Ltd UK which is primarily focused on providing consultation services to the manufacturing industry around Cost and Value engineering. MB Value Engineering Ltd UK has been in existence in one form or another since 2001 when it was set up to provide cost engineering services into automotive OEM within the UK and has provided services to prestigious luxury and sports car manufacturers, as well as major aerospace engine manufacturers.

What we do

Since 2013 MB Value Engineering Ltd UK has been looking at ways to expand its operation into Asia as we identify this as a region of great potential for growth in which the business can formulate relationships within the ASEAN economies as a whole starting with Singapore. It is no secret that Singapore has a vibrant economy although not wholly focussed on manufacturing but we see this a potential growth area in the region. To that end MB Value Engineering Pte Ltd has been set up with a view to establishing a footprint in Singapore and to develop its operating base here.

Why we do it

In a world that is faced with fragile economies and ever demanding cost savings, we at MB Value Engineering want to capture the new era of emerging manufacturing technologies and offering our services to OEMs and companies to enable them to not only control the budgets now but to be better equipped for the future. We want to ensure that your business is well placed to make the most of the cost control.


We've worked with some of the biggest and respected names in the automotive and aerospace sector including well know luxury and sports cars. We have worked with some of the biggest names in aerospace as well as marine and energy sectors supporting large fabricated assembly manufacture and new technologies such as wave generated power plants.